Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Castle Writemore

Walk up the castle steps, enter your room, look out the castle window and get ready to spend one hundred and twenty three days in a magical world.

Castle Writemore by Wade Bradford is not only a collection of 123 writing prompts.  It is an adventure that inspires creativity and improves writing skills. It is also a place to share your imagination with fellow storytellers. Each prompt represents one day spent in a magical castle filled with quirky characters and humorous adventures.

The more you write, the more your imagination soars!

Whether you are a young student or a seasoned instructor, Castle Writemore offers a fun, new, stress-free way to foster a lifelong love of writing.

This blog features a creative project one a week.  Visitors are encouraged to leave comments and share their responses to the prompts.

Images, artwork, essays, and stories may also be sent to

Want all 123 prompts right now?  Order the complete e-book of Castle Writemore.

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