Day #1: Descriptive Writing

Welcome, dear friend, to Castle Writemore!  Land of knights, trolls, wizards, and a two-headed goat.

This is your room.  Do you like it?  It is a little bit chilly in the morning, but it has a terrific view. Best of all, you can decorate it however you like.

Write about what your castle bedroom looks like. What's in the room?

What is outside the castle window? Use your imagination and describe what you see. 

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  1. Pat, one of our guests at Castle Writemore, describes the view from his Castle window:

    The view from the Presidential Suite at Castle Writemore is something approaching exquisite. From the shuttered venetian windows one can see well into the distance and is encouraged to marvel at the sun-dappled landscape that meets lodgers on the Eastern Wall of the keep. Twin rows of stately sycamores edge the eastern grounds and provide a picaresque lawn for the white and brown ponies from the Writemore royal stables to feed upon. The view is breathtaking and awe-inspiring, and might in fact surpass the approaching of exquisite to indeed achieve exquisiteness if one were to end their gazing there.

    Unfortunately, turning one's eyes downward affords one a rather different view. That of the Writemore kitchen garbage and refuse gazebo area.

    The gazebo, which was once the site of many a fine Writemore wedding or scullery-maid-to-lady-in-waiting accomplishment ceremony, is now a living example of the industrialization of the Writemore campus. Green trellises and white-capped cuppolas have given way in the past decade to a grim patina of soot and brown banana peel shavings. The cobblestones upon which once trod the elegant heels of Writemore's refined upper class now serve as mere landmarks to afford one's heeled boots some semblance of moderate purchase amidst the slippery entrail caked pathstones and heaps of apple cores and coffee grinds.
    Upon the north entrance to the gazebo stands what remains of a sign which once read "Grow and be fruitful all the year. Be most happy!". Now its scratched and vandalized placard simply warns, "Grog is emptied once a year. Beware the moist harpy!" Grog is the name of the garbage troll which lives at the bottom of Castle Writemore's refuse sinkpit.