How Does It Work?

The "Writemore" Mission: 

Castle Writemore is designed to make writing fun.  It is a collection of fantasy-themed writing prompts, all of which cover a variety of writing methods, such as:

Descriptive Writing
Narrative Writing
Annotative Listing
Compare / Contrast
Process Analysis
Cause / Effect

....and lots and lots of....

Creative Writing!

Who is the intended audience?

The writing prompts in Castle Writemore are created with young writers in mind.  We are most interested reaching students from the 2nd to 5th grade.  However, writers of any age can exercise their creativity with Castle Writemore.  (In fact, it's even more fun if teachers and parents play along!)

What do I need to participate?

To respond to the prompts in Castle Writemore, you will want to keep a journal.  That journal can come in many forms.  Some participants may want to write with pen or pencil.  Others may want to use an electronic device.  It is also perfectly fine for storytellers to use other means of communication: drawing, speaking, improvisation, etc.

Consider some of the following methods, and determine what works best for you:

  • a pad of paper (good old fashioned writing)
  • a computer / tablet / smart phone
  • our facebook page
  • our official blog
  • audio recordings
  • video recordings
  • illustrations / artwork
  • group work / oral presentations

Do I need to respond to the prompts in order?

Not really.  The prompts are listed from Day #1 to Day #123, and there is sometimes an ongoing story. However, writers are encouraged to find the prompts that ignite their imagination.  Go in order, if you like, or skip around. Both are effective ways of exploring the castle. 

What do I do when I am finished with a prompt?

Whatever you like!  You have just created something that belongs to you.  You may publish it online, share it with your friends, show your parents, or keep it hidden in your drawer. 

We do hope that we can share some of your responses with the rest of the world.  If you send any of your stories, drawings, ideas to our email address ( ) we will do our best to show them off on our blog!

There are a limited number of prompts on the Blog... Where is the rest of the 123 days?

If you like the book, and you love our idea of fostering creative writers, please spread the word!   

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