Day #4: The Castle Stables

Our next stop in Castle Writemore is the stable yard.  We have all sorts of horses that live here.  We also have unicorns, griffons, and a pegasus.  We've even got a two headed goat who loves to sing duets.  His name is Fred-Fred.  That's right.  Each head is named Fred.  It's very confusing. 

And look!  The stable keepers are bringing in a big wooden crate.  There is something inside of it!  It's a brand new creature.  Something no one has ever seen before.  Peek inside the crate, and then describe what it looks like, sounds like, and maybe even what it smells like!
Bonus Question for Day #4:

Do both of Fred's faces look the same or different?  Also, can you draw a picture to show your friends back home?

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