Day #12: Choosing a Pet

Day #12

You have become good friends with Glurb.  He is kind hearted and enjoys asking questions about your home.  Glurb comes from a faraway place, a land called the Rocky Hills.  When he was very young, his parents passed away and Glurb was adopted by two of the elves who live in Castle Writemore.

He loves his elf family very much, but they often travel long distances, so Glurb gets lonesome.  He has been thinking of adopting a pet.  But he has never had a pet before.  Have you?

In your journal, write a list of different types of pets and your opinion about each animal. Are there certain pets you prefer?  Why do you feel that way about that type of animal companion? 

Bonus Question for Day #12:

What kind of pet should Glurb adopt?

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