Day #6: Silly Poems

Day #6

Welcome to the Great Hall.  This is where we have our dances, parties, and musical events.  Tonight, Witless the Jester is performing.  His job is to entertain the King and Queen with jokes.  He also like to write funny poems for his good friend, Miss Loola the Librarian.

But sometimes he has a hard time with rhymes.  Would you help him write a poem?  He has written some of it.  Perhaps you could work together to fill in the blanks.

The castle walls are tall and __________.
The kitchen is all warm and ___________.
The moat is filled with water and ____________.
The stars shine down to grant your __________.
The stable smells just like a _______________.
And the horses sing out just like ___________.
A dragon flies across the ______________.
While the people of Castle Writemore say ____________.

Wow.  That was.... Interesting.  Maybe you could try to write a brand new poem to share with us in the Great Hall.  Everyone is curious about your home.   Write a poem about the place where you live. 

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