Day #2: Favorite Meal

We hope you are enjoying your stay here at Castle Writemore. To make the most out of your visit, you should keep your journal handy as you explore the castle.

Your Journal is a place for you to write down your thoughts, experiences, and day dreams. Do not worry about whether or not you are writing a perfect sentence. And there's no need to stress about grammar or spelling. The Journal is your place to have fun with writing.

Now, let's go down to the kitchen. You must be hungry!

(Stomp, stomp, stomp down the stairs.)

This is Chef Grumble. He runs this enormous kitchen, and he can cook up whatever you would like to eat. But Chef Grumble is a little grumpy, and wants a lot of specific details so he knows exactly what to make.

In your journal, write a description of your perfect meal, and that's what Chef Grumble will make for you every single day!

Bonus Question for Day #2:

Would you like to eat the same meal every single day? Why or why not?

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