Day #7: Meet the Royal Family

It is finally time to introduce you to the Royal Family.  They are very happy to meet you.  King Baffle loves to build things, although sometimes whatever he builds falls apart.  Queen Waffle loves to work in her garden, although her seeds don't always grow into what she expects.  Princess Swoop loves skateboarding through the castle and climbing the guard towers.  Prince Scoop loves fixing things around the castle and digging deep into the ground in search of treasure.

They all want to hang out with you!  Spend time with one of the Royal Family members.  Then, in your journal, write all about your day together.

Did anything exciting happen?  

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  1. Christina writes:

    "I had just reached the kingdom and met the royal family. They all seemed so interesting, but Prince Scoop stood out to me the most. He told me he had a knack for fixing things and looking for buried treasure. The first activity Prince Scoop and I did was fix the castle gate because it had broken when a scary group of invaders had come by last time. Then we rebuilt Princess Swoop's balcony where a fire breathing dragon had landed on it and burned it to the ground. Then after Prince Scoop and I fixed everything me and Prince used his map of lost items and searched the castle's grounds for buried treasure. We were so excited to discover the lost treasure of Cortez. Soon after we found a map that was buried, it showed the lost city of Atlantis. One of the biggest treasures we discovered was Queen Elizabeth's treasure."